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Team introduction
Welling Auto Parts Company's product research and development is led by a team of senior doctors in the industry, integrating years of lean manufacturing and professional team management experience in the automotive industry, building five R&D centers, gathering international cutting-edge wisdom and strength, and continuing to cultivate the field of automotive core parts.
R&D center, gathering international cutting-edge wisdom and capabilities
Patented inventions
ten thousand
The annual purchase volume can be used for 10 million drive motors
Technical advantages
Technical advantages

Efficient thermal management solutions increase range

The scroll compressor speed is up to 12,000 rpm

Low noise/low vibration/high efficiency, can realize triangular cycle heating

In the automotive sector, the rotor structure and natural refrigerant CO2 are innovatively adopted

Powerful heating at -35°C, 20% higher cruising range than traditional

Efficient thermal management solutions increase range

Provide integrated solutions and system solutions according to the thermal management needs of the whole vehicle, and highly integrate and control the waterway (water pump-multi-way valve), refrigerant circuit (EXV-SOV) and heat exchanger

Realize temperature management and heat recovery in the passenger compartment and the big three electricity, and meet the thermal management integration requirements of the intelligent cockpit

High efficiency, compact structure, cost-effective, can be customized development

Solutions for electric drive technology are maturing

A number of design indicators are higher than the industry level

The motor has multi-size, multi-power section product design and verification testing for round wire, flat wire and other technical platforms, and some products have been mass-produced

Design metrics such as power/torque density, reliability, and NVH are higher than those of competing products

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