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Team introduction
Welling Auto Parts Company's product research and development is led by a team of senior doctors in the industry, integrating years of lean manufacturing and professional team management experience in the automotive industry, building five R&D centers, gathering international cutting-edge wisdom and strength, and continuing to cultivate the field of automotive core parts.
R&D center, gathering international cutting-edge wisdom and capabilities
Patented inventions
80% of the professional R&D personnel of auto parts are masters and doctors
Technical advantages
Technical advantages

Thermal management solutions to improve mileage 

The rotating speed of scroll compressor reaches 12krpm, with high NVH and triangular circulation heating; the rotor structure and green refrigerant CO2 are innovatively adopted in the automotive field; heating at -35°C; driving mileage 20% higher than the traditional solution

Drive motor technology leading in the industry

The Welling drive motor has completed technical verification and prototype test of 5 technical platforms and come into mass production. The design spec such as power/torque density, reliability and lifetime are leading in the industry

Key safety component for intelligent driving EPS motor

Key safety components were developed aiming at the customers' pain points such as medium-high speed under-voltage torque output, redundancy, harshness etc.

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